2017 Best Handgun Safe

Picking the Best Gun safe is a vital venture that should not be trifled with, and with such a large number of varieties in locking mechanisms, sizes and steel gage. It truly comes down to the kinds of guns you possess and what kind of accessibility you want as an owner.

Here is a rundown of the best handgun safes you can get. These safes are of good quality, possess the features you need and are of a reasonable price tag.

  1. Barska Biometric Safe

This handgun safe is a wonderful choice for storing multiple firearms, it can be hidden in any location by the users’ preference due to the safe’s practical dimensions and can be used in both households and offices.

It can store identities for up to thirty unique users, the simple to-utilize framework permits you to enlist finger prints in seconds and there is no need to recall a complex numeric combination under pressure. The safes biometric technology gives you the capacity to rapidly and easily get to your gun in time of crisis.

This product brings about professional grade security, it is a bit heavier and the added weight makes it feel safer because thieves are less likely to carry it.

It beeps to let you know you’ve left it unlocked probably by accident, there are no combinations to remember as your fingerprint is the combination.

  1. Sentry quick access handgun safe with biometric fingerprint lock.

Sentry handgun safe is so portable, protects guns from burglary and unapproved use. This safe is developed of pry-safe, strong steel and has a biometric unique mark bolt with an illuminated electronic keypad that allows up to two users. A compression gas strut opens the door quietly for single-hand access even in restricted places. This safe is easy to access and includes amazing features such as;

  • Tubular override key for backup accessibility
  • Pry resistant, strong steel construction to prevent unapproved access.
  • Biometric backlit digital lock.

This product is a top-notch as there is nothing to lose, misplace or have stolen. It is quicker to open and you don’t have to worry about hiding a key, it’s harder to break into unlike traditional lock-and-key setups and most surprisingly you even end up paying little for such an awesome result.

  1. Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe.

This rapid gun safe is a progressive idea in gun protection that consolidates natural simple entry with well being and security. Open your safe in the flicker of an eye, this rapid gun safe is the first to utilize patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for quick access. Just place the included RFID arm jewelry, card or key fob over the reader and the rapid handgun safe springs open to present your handgun.

Its amazing features are;

  • Quick, touch-free entry
  • Child safe plan
  • Handgun is constantly protected and ready
  • Numerous get-to alternatives
  • Steel dual-lug locking framework
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 16-guage steel construction and a heavy duty ¼
  1. Gunvault speedvault SV500 gun safe.

This safe is one of the best designed handgun safes, it gives quick, simple access to your gun and its convenient size and bolt are perfect for crisis and basic circumstances in your home and offices. It can also be called a Vehicle Gun Safe because  It prevents unauthorized persons from gaining access and it is also produced from 12-gauge steel. This safe has various elements that you’ll adore such as;

  • Can store up to 120 individual fingerprints
  • Override key incase of breakdown
  • A light turns on when the door is opened to help you see inside

This safe is secured and protected by a 5-year warranty.

There are many good reasons why you should have a handgun safe preferably the ones listed above, few of them are:

  • Child protection: gun kills twice as many children as cancer, this is more than enough reason to get a firearm safe. Even if you don’t have kids it doesn’t guarantee your other relatives or neighbors wont have access to your guns.
  • Liability protection: considering some state laws, if your gun is stolen you may have to face legal charges. Possessing a gun is a constitutional right but it’s also your primary duty to keep them safe.
  • Fire protection: house fires have increased at a devastating rate and you absolutely need protection against that disaster. So purchasing some of these handguns safe mentioned above is a beautiful thinking to keep things out of harm’s way.




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