Best Biometric Gun Safes with Fingerprint Recognition Review

Here is your guide to finding the Best Biometric Gun Safe for you and your customized needs!

There are different gun safes out there and in fact, a lot of Biometric gun safes too which of course, comes with fingerprint recognition. But in this number are some selected few that cannot just be left out on in any compilation of the best biometric gun safes. If your choice is a gun safe with a biometric lock system, you may want to consider any one of the below.

1. Gunvault Microvault XL MVB1000 Biometric Gun Safe: The Best Biometric Gun Safe is meant to be a gun safety device which uses a fingerprint recognition system to secure its content. This gun safe is a premium product for premium users. It exudes standard and quality. As a product that has been carefully modeled after security and reliability, there is no worry of a burglar or any other unauthorized persons having access to the safe, because the gun safe has been programmed with advanced features which include over 12 million user selectable access codes, very strong lock mechanism, high strength fittings, audio feedback among other features.

Being a product built with a high-performance identification algorithm, your gun safe is as close as you want it, as such your gun is quickly recoverable as soon as you want. In addition to its battery that served the purpose, Gunvault is a product that is user-friendly.

2. The LockSafe Biometric Pistol Safe: A carefully constructed and designed gun safe. This is an innovative biometric technology that grants access to your guns real quick and easy. The sturdy and hefty metal box the gun safe are made of takes security out of contention. There is a rubber on the underside that keeps the safe somewhat bolted down. And you know what that means? Well, more security for your safety and its contents. Let’s just say LockSafe is a dependable and trusted safe that works great. I mean you can leave your gun safe at home with an assurance that only the programmed fingerprint(s) gets in.

LockSafe is the right choice of a safe you could possibly have made. Once your fingerprint has been captured by this safe (it takes only a few minutes by the way), opening it at an instance when you need its content then becomes a breeze. And there is just enough storage for your pistols (say two). The product is easy to program and use. As well, it comes with keys as a backup.

3. Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe: Barska is an ideal choice for any gun owner. Of course, it deserves to be my list of the best biometric gun safe. This is one easily programmable and reliable product. It really does not matter the number of safes you have tried or owned, there are just too many reasons why Barska is much preferred. Like, take, for instance, the storage space — it is spacious and for a good reason. The fingerprint scanner does not disappoint. Barska opens smoothly and near effortlessly. 

Different from those poor safes that open only by hitting hard the top and re-positioning the lever, Barska has been designed to deter unsupported entry and attempt hence keeping your valuables safe. Even with several openings and closings this safe recorded no issues. Wherever in your home, you have decided to mount this safe, it is just fine. It will not unnecessarily take space, and can well accommodate other fittings around it.
Click Here To See a Picture of the Barska Top Gun Safe
4. SentrySafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe: Oh, can we then first have some words on the overall appearance of SentrySafe? Yes O yes — lots and lots of features, as well as benefits, comes with the use of this safe. The safe is solid and wouldn’t come off quality as does other gun safes given its serious design.
Now some few words about the performance of SentrySafe. Well, the storage capacity of SentrySafe is just ideal for your handgun. It fit well your handgun and maybe some two-three magazines. It does have holes for wall or floor mounting. Inclusive in the toolkit are backup keys.

Easily programmable, SentrySafe has a keypad that can be used to program codes for easy access. This is not to mention how user-friendly this product can be. In minutes you will be able to install the code and setup the battery. 

Best Biometric Gun Safe

The gas strut of SentrySafe is strong and will open the lid quite readily. Upon a press of the first button, the other three buttons lit up just so even darkness is no barrier when the time is of an essence.  
 This safe grants access to your gun without making noise seeing its lid has been equipped with whisper quiet software. Accompanying the gun safe is a one-year limited warranty. Sentry — awesome safe!
5. GunBox Biometric Gun Safe: One reason why gun safe could be of necessity is probably that you don’t want your kids having access to your firearms. (very responsible of any parent and/or gun owner). Another reason can, of course, be that you do want a quality gun safe, one which is reliable and dependable. It is just needless to state that GunBox has perfectly taken care of those needs with their GunBox Biometric Gun Safe while offering additional benefits. And all these in just one gun safe.
Best Biometric Gun Safe
Being a flexible and user-friendly gun safe that it is, it comes with two options of, first, a wristband, and, of course, a fingerprint recognition. This is to ensure you have the control of the gun safe at all times. You could manage the gun safe whichever way you deem fit (as in programming it to recognize the fingerprint of a trusted person, maybe while you’re leaving home. But on your return, you could restore the settings or even have the fingerprint of the person deleted altogether).
In order to prevent movements here and there, which could cause some damage, the box has been built to be that heavy and sturdy. And one of its features that delight most gun owners are of its alarm feature. It lets you know when an attempt has been made on the gun safe. Again, to deter kids, you could increase the sound of the alarm. If kids touch the box, the alarm scared them running.

A GunBox in your home, a GunBox for your firearms, could eventually turn out to be the safest and smartest purchase you will ever make. Or what comes close to knowing that in some way you and your family are safe? Best Biometric Gun Safe with the gun box option!

When you need to engage this product, all the effort that will be required of you is to place your hands over the box so that in split seconds you have your gun. Sounds like a pretty quality product that is worth the investment in safety, reliability, and convenience.

6. The Barska Biometric Safe: You could think about this product when you want quick access to your gun. This safe continues to scream safety until maybe when you decide to shut it. But will you? So far this safe has never opened for an unauthorized fingerprint.
Here with Barska is a surprise feature. Exclusively to Barska (I think). You know, there could be sometimes when forgetfulness could take it toll on you. So you need something to remind you really fast. Then comes Barska. For every 5 seconds that this safe is left open, it beeps. And this process commences barely two-to-three minutes after the safe has been left open. Now it seems like pretty much the time to tickle your brain towards avoiding those distasteful, unpleasant tales.
Best Biometric Gun Safe
With spacious space on the inside, some up to four handguns and their magazines will sit comfortably in Barska. On the outside, it is large, which is typical of most quality safe that pride safety.
Two years after purchase and you could still be on the original battery. Its electronics continued to work fine. Still, it is that one gun safe you could bank on at all times.
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7. Zvetco Biometrics S6000 Safe: The elegant design of Zvetco first jump to the mind. For sure the manufacturers put some thoughts and researches into the making of the product. You know, that peace of mind that comes with knowing that your gun safe will always open when you need it to, and also of knowing that your children cannot access the content of the safe. This safe is just superb. 

This is one of the Best Biometric Gun Safe options we’ve ever come across and we highly recommend it!

An amazing buy for your best biometric gun safe! All the system of this safe works just fine. Although the price of this safe could be on the steep; nevertheless, it is worth it for the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

The setup of this safe is really simple and fast. It is a delight to configure for the first time. In about 5 minutes your safe is up and running.


Day or night you can access your firearm. I mean under three seconds you already have your gun only by running your fingerprint across the fingerprint scanner.

Often times the experience of gun owners with some biometric gun safes could be terrible. They will just discover that the fingerprint scanner is stuttering or failing to recognize their fingerprint. How bad. But Zvetco Biometrics has completely eliminated this fault anyway.

Such advance features of Zvetco like its 3-D scanning that thoroughly screen the user’s identity before granting access speaks volumes of the quality and reliability of the product. And by the way, it is an FBI-approved biometric device.

With every use, Zvetco gets to present you with updated details of the last login. Another great side to this product is that you will get to know the battery percentile. And this is important just so you won’t be getting to know only when you need your firearm. So to ensure your battery last longer, Zvetco made their product in such a way that electronic activities on it are down until it is powered on. It is, for this reason, the battery holds so well. Overall you will be pleased with the accuracy and speed of the fingerprint reading and access.

What characterizes most biometric gun safe is its advanced biometric features that always suffice for the safety of the gun owners and the content of the gun safe. And it is only for this reason that you as a gun owner can have a peace of mind.

It’s important that you study your gun safes so that you can find the best biometric gun safe for your personalized needs. Get your Best Biometric Gun Safe today!

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