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It can be challenging to find the best nightstand gun safe because there are so many out there. However, this is the best place to come as I have selected the top best ones.The primary reason why people want to purchase a gun is to be able to feel secure as they want to take immediate actions when faced with a dangerous situation.

A nightstand gun safe does not only secure your gun, it also brings rest of mind as you cannot decide whether you might end up in an emergency situation or not.

You are more vulnerable during your sleep and walking up to another room to get your gun isn’t practical. In other words, purchasing a nightstand safe would ensure you are properly prepared at night.

A nightstand gun safe looks like a regular nightstand or is made to look like one so that anyone who doesn’t know what it is will have no clue about what is inside.

Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe – Nightstand Gun Safe

Discreet and tyke safe, this Artemis gun safe was designed to lessen accidental gun handling and incidents. However, it works flawlessly for those who make this choice.

Artemis nightstand safe features a one-touch biometric fingerprint scanner called “second touch”. The top notch scanner is comparable to fingerprint scanners used on smartphones, it is easy to program, utilize and can store up to 200 unique fingerprints.

Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe - Nightstand Gun Safe

This safe is built from a weapons grade plastic polycarbonate polymer, a similar polymer utilized as a part of an impenetrable glass and body armor. A boisterous tamper alarm will sound after 5 unauthorized attempts which will cease with an authorized fingerprint scan.

The included 4 AA batteries give up to 4000 scanner operations or one-year useful life after which a low battery warning would sound. The safe has 4 mounting holes and a high-security Tubular-style key is inclusive.

First Alert 5200DF – Nightstand Gun Safe

This safe is portable and made of 18-gauge steel with black powder-coat finish.

First Alert 5200DF - Nightstand Gun Safe

  • It has an electronic keypad with 3-8 hidden passcode.
  • Spring open door locking mechanism opens quickly and quietly upon entry of the pass code to unleash its contents in the occurrence of an emergency.
  • Foam padded interior which guards contents during storage.
  • Consists of pre-drilled mounting holes to bolt it down to a flat surface.

    Home defense nightstand with hidden firearm safe

The nightstand features a concealed safe at your fingertips with a fully functioning nightstand. It is made from solid rock maple and metal, the safe springs open in less than a second giving you quick access to its contents. It can be placed at the right or left side door or either side of the bed. It also requires a 9 volt battery which is always included.

Home defense nightstand with hidden firearm safe.

The gun safe is a hidden portion is a hidden safe which makes it lovely because your gun would not be easily detected by prying eyes. There are also superficial features of this nightstand, permitting you to have a gun safely and discreetly within arm’s reach while as yet having the capacity to decorate to match frills within the room.

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V-line Top Draw Security Case – Nightstand Gun Safe

This safe is one of the best-selling models, it is durable and of high quality made in the USA. It is constructed from weapons-grade steel in a clam-shell design which is pry-resistant. When locked, it can only be accessed by the key-less high-grade combination lock.

This safe comes with 1081 unique combinations to prevent anyone from accessing it through trial and error. It is easy to set up and the lock is powered mechanically meaning there is no risk involved when it comes to your battery dying and locking you out especially when you need it the most.

V-line Top Draw Security Case - Nightsand Gun Safe

The rear full-length piano style hinge is joined by welding at one end to prevent removal. The top draw consists of a set of holes that allow you for mooring the safe to your nightstand using the optional mounting plate but that also allows you to remove it easily from the plate to take along with you.

Most gun safes are incredibly practical, solid and serve intended purposes, but you might not get the added advantage of them being sleek like those mentioned above. Here are a few gun safe tips for your firearms in the safety of your home to help you understand the necessary safety required for owning guns.

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If you ever need to rock top security and a rest of mind, you won’t find any better value than these ones.

However, it all depends on your taste and preference as these safes mentioned stand out in their own way.

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