Vehicle Gun Safe: Top 5 Gun Safe For Your Car

An American friend of mine got a Car recently and keeping his Gun without a safe poised concerned to us both, so we decided to go into the market and look for the best Gun Safe for vehicles.  The major criteria to watch out for when shopping for a gun or pistol safe is the size of the Gun safe itself, the Safe should be small and should be able to fit comfortable under your car seat. Aside the size of the Gun safe, Accesibility is also very important, I generally prefer gun safes with fingerprint or Biometric gun safes over those with keys. Incase of emergency, it is way faster opening your gun safe with your thumb print than opening it  a key which might be out of reach. So this two factors are what we put together to formulate out top best gun safe for your vehicle.

the-gun-boxThe Gun Box6.8 poundsprice-check4.8
sentry-safe-quick-access-biometric-gun-safeSentry Safe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe12 poundsprice-check4.5
the-gunvault-mv500-std-microvault-pistol-safeThe GunVault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Safe5lbsprice-check4.2

Best Gun Safe For Cars

The Gun Box

With a weight of just 6.8 pounds, the gun box is our best Vehicle Gun Safe. It is a biometric gun safe  that opens with your thumb print. Aside that, this Vehicle gun safe also comes with a unique RFID wristband, ring or sticker that can also be used in opening it. the-gun-boxThis was the exact Car Gunsafe my friend and I finally got, though it’s a bit pricey, but it is the best gun safe for the money.

Morealso, The GunBox biometric safe’s adapter  comes with a car charger and allows you to  charge from your car so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries like you would on any other older fingerprint recognition model.

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Sentry Safe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe

The first time I came across this wonderful car gun safe was when I was compiling the ultimate Gun Safe List for this Blog. This is a gun safe for a single pistol device. The speed at which Sentry grants you access to your safe is startling. This safe is essentially important in an emergency. Aside that this gun safe comes with only safety and security in mind, Sentry can boast of built-in features that can make life difficult for an unauthorized person. sentry-safe-quick-access-biometric-gun-safe

Sentry has the perfect size and capacity to contain your pistol. It can also easily fit into under your car seat. And because it has a steel body, breaking it open even when stolen will take a lot of hard work. Sentry is easy to use. It is easy to program. And for one more reason why it is delighted is because it offers key and keypad as a backup.

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The GunVault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Safe

With just a weight of 5lbs, this incredible biometric car gun safe makes the third on our List. It is used by many and with its small size, can fit perfectly into your Car. Apart from the back that it can be opened with your thumbprint used as some kind of combination lock, it is also equipped with an Over ride Key which can be used to open it incase of any contingencies.

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Final Words

So those are the three best vehicle gun safe you can find on earth at the moment, if you know of any other one that you think needed to be added to our, don’t hesistate to use the comment form  below , we will be glad to add it to our list